SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019

Almaty Film Festival  is a new international film festival initiated and supported by the Almaty Government. The Festival will be held from 14-20 September, 2019 in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The purpose of Almaty Film Festival is the development of Kazakh film industry, the increase of the interest of the broad public in film art and the strengthening of international cooperation. The festival aims to introduce Almaty as the major cultural and tourist center of Central Asia and to get acquainted international cinema world with the advantages and new opportunities of film production in Kazakhstan.

Mayor of Almaty
Sagintayev B.A.

Dear friends!

The second Almaty Film Festival is traditionally held as part of the City Day celebration.

I am glad that the film festival has attracted many local and foreign filmmakers and film tourists and resonated with Almaty residents. Most importantly, the film festival contributes to the development of the region’s film market and becomes a platform for presenting world cinema.

The festival’s platform provides an opportunity for young talents to prove themselves, gain experience from world-class masters and build a high-quality networking during round tables and business events.

We are interested in the development of Almaty as an exclusive film shooting location for various genres, and we are ready for partnership in this area.

I wish all the participants of the festival sold out film screenings, and I wish us, the audience, pleasant movie nights.

President of Almaty Film Festival
Akan Satayev

Dear friends!

Cinema of Kazakhstan is experiencing an unprecedented era of transformation. At this stage of its development, the audience appreciates the films in terms of their content, meaning and acting, and this is very encouraging. People start to recognize what Kazakhstan cinema is. There are more new names that are interesting to our audience and become recognizable outside of Kazakhstan. And this is very important for the development of culture in Kazakhstan.

Now we would like to bring our national cinema to the world level and we believe that Almaty Film Festival will reveal the potential of our city. Therefore, the main competition of our film festival aims at promoting cooperation between the film industries of different countries, which will be able to discover new opportunities for film production, including co-production. This will expand the scope of future film projects, and for this reason we called the main competition “Rapprochement of Cultures”. For this competition, we will for the select we will consider only the films made in co-production.

Thus, by inviting one film, we are engaging several countries in cooperation. We hope that Almaty Film Festival will become another trademark of Almaty.

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