SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


2018, 90 mins
Production: Kaavya Films Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Ladakhi
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Priya Ramasubban
Director: Priya Ramasubban
DoP: Arvind Kannabiran
Composer: Mathias Duplessy
Producer: Priya Ramasubban
Editor: Jabeen Merchant
Cast: Jigmet Dewa Lhamo, Morup Namgyal (Padma Shri), Yanchen Dolma, Padma Chospel, SS Wangchuk


Sprightly Chuskit’s dream of going to school is cut short when she is rendered a

paraplegic after an accident. She’s confined to life indoors in the company of her strict grandfather, Dorje. Chuskit continues to harbor hopes of school… Chuskit will have to get her grandfather to yield or she will have to accept the reality he has chosen for her.

Director’s biography

Priya Ramasubban was born in 1972 in Chennai (India) and is a reputed filmmaker who has been making films for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel and other major international broadcasters. Priya was one of the six people chosen from all over India as a part of a screenwriter’s lab organized by the National Film Development Corporation where she recieved an opportunity to evolve her story for Chuskit under the mentorship of award-winning Dutch writer Jolein Laarman.

Director’s Filmography

2018 Chustkit