SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


Kazakhstan, Korea
2019, 80 mins
Production: Kimkiduk Film
Language: Russian
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Kim Ki-Duk
Director: Kim Ki-Duk
DoP: Kim Ki-Duk
Composer: Aknaral Mergen
Producer: Dinara Zhumagalieva
Editor: Kim Ki-Duk
Cast: Dinara Zhumagalieva , Sanzhar Madi, Irina Azhmuhamedova, Erken Gubashev, Chingis Kapin, Inkar Abdrash


Girl-1 bound by a traditional family and household. One day she meets Girl-2 with the same appearance. This girl has a free lifestyle and a rich sponsor who provides her with everything. From this moment on, these two people change roles and help each other. But the further it goes on, the more dangerous the situation becomes for Girl-1.

Director’s biography

Kim Ki-Duk was born in 1960 in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. From 1990-1993 he studied visual art in Paris. Returning to South Korea, Kim began his career as a screenwriter. The following year, Kim made his debut as a director with a low-budget film called Crocodile (1996), which received amazing reviews. Kim Ki-Duk films won the main prizes at the film festivals in Berlin, Venice, Moscow, Cannes, etc.

Director’s filmography (selected)

2019 Dissolve
2018 Human, Space, Time and Human
2016 The Net
2015 Stop
2014 One on One
2013 Moebius
2012 Pieta
2011 Arirang
2008 Dream
2007 Breath
2006 Time
2005 The Bow
2004 Samaritan Girl
2003 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring
2002 The Coast Guard
2001 Bad Guy
1996 Crocodile