SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019
‘The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China’ will open the II International Film Festival “Almaty Film Festival”

One of the most anticipated film projects of the year, the large-scale fantasy ‘The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China’ will open the II International Film Festival “Almaty Film Festival”, which will be held in Almaty from September14-20.

‘The Mystery of the Dragon Seal’ is an exciting film directed by our compatriot Oleg Stepchenko. And this is the second part of his franchise about the adventures of the traveler and cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng). The first part of the movie saga, ‘Viy 3D’, is based on the stories of Nikolai Gogol. Therefore, the second part was supposed to be called ‘Viy 2. Journey to China’. Later, in the first teaser released, the film was called ‘Journey to China. The Mystery of the Iron Mask’. The final title of the film ‘The Mystery of the Dragon Seal. Journey to China’ was proposed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, who appeared in the film.

Jonathan Green receives an order from Peter I to draw maps of the Far East. During his journey, the European scientist finds himself in China where he meets mysterious creatures that were believed to exist only in myths and legends. The film starred actors from Russia, China, US and UK, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Charles Dance and Rutger Hauer.

Ernar Kurmashev, general producer of ALMATY FILM FESTIVAL, commented on the film chosen to open the film festival: “I am very glad that we will open the second ALMATY FILM FESTIVAL with such an exciting film. Moreover, the film is the result of the co-production of two countries (Russia and China), and one of the goals of the ALMATY Film Festival is to support the development of co-production. In Kazakhstan we are taking only the first steps in this direction but very successfully. By the way, the theme of the ALMATY FILM FESTIVAL’s main competition is “Rapprochement of Cultures”, and the films to be presented are co-products of two or more countries”.

The official distributor of the film starring Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the MELOMAN Entertainment Company.

“We understood that such a large-scale film cannot be released for no reason. Therefore, we suggested that the film festival management opens the Almaty Film Festival with ‘The Mystery of the Dragon Seal’. We are pleased that our initiative was supported by the program director of the festival, Elena Larionova, and general producer Ernar Kurmashev. We held negotiations with the studios “Our Cinema” and “RFG” in order to quickly complete all the formalities related to this screening,” said Vadim Golenko, general director of MELOMAN Entertainment.

This year, ALMATY FILM FESTIVAL will be held from September 14 to 20.

ALMATY FILM FESTIVAL is a new international film festival organized by Astana Film Fund on the initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Almaty. The festival aims to develop the film industry of Kazakhstan, increase the public interest in cinematography and strengthen international cooperation. The festival also aims to present the cultural capital of the country – the city of Almaty as a major cultural and tourist center of Central Asia, as well as to introduce the strengths and new features of the film production industry in Kazakhstan to the world cinema community.