SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


Iran, Oman, Tadjikistan, Turkey
2017, 70 mins
Production: Yas Films
Language: Azeri, Arabic, English, Persian, Tajik
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: N/A
Director: Yassamin Maleknasr
DoP: Alireza Taghikahni, Bahman Kiarostami, Kayvon Motamedi, Nima Dabirzadeh, Hadi Pouyan
Composer: N/A
Producer: Yassamin Maleknasr
Editor: Fardin Saheb-Zamani


A lyrical feature documentary portrays four women from four countries of the Silk Way Road, connected by the narrative presence of Yassamin Maleknasr, the director and the storyteller. It is the story of diversity, independence, and empowerment of women; one of struggle, love and hope reminding us of our similarities as people.

Director’s biography

Director, producer, actress. Yassamin Maleknasr was born in 1955 in Iran. She is the first Iranian woman filmmaker to graduate from the University of Southern California in Film and Television Production. Her first feature film “The Common Plight” turned into a cult movie amongst Iranians youth. Women of Silk Way Road film was presented at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Director’s filmography

2017 Women of the Silk Road (doc)
2008 Legends of Oman (short)
2007 Only Voice Remains (short)
2006 Love and Unity (short)
2005 Bam, Whisper of the Wind (short)
2003 Afghanistan, the Lost Truth (doc)
1998 Iran, Through Foreign Eyes (short)
1998 Bababaghi (short)
1995 Common Plight