SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


USA, Russia
2018, 53 mins
Production: Mayfilms
Language: Russian
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Marianna Yarovskaya, Nata Vozyanaova
Director: Marianna Yarovskaya
DoP: Sergey Amirdzhanov, Irina Shatalova, Konstantin Postnikov
Composer: Mark Adler
Producer: Paul Gregory, Marianna Yarovskaya
Editor: Lenny Feinstein, Irina Volkova


A collection of unique and candid interviews with women who survived the Stalin’s repression of the 1930s. Six heroines deeply over eighty in the most diverse and remote corners of the former Soviet Union – in Ural, Far East, Sukhumi, and Moscow Oblast tell their own story.

Director’s biography

Director, producer, scriptwriter. Marianna Yarovskaya  was born in 1971 in Moscow (Russia). She obtained a MFA degree from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in USA and a MA degree from Moscow State University. Her film Women of the Gulag was shortlisted for the Academy Award Documentary Nomination in 2019.

Director’s filmography

2018 Women of the Gulag (doc)
2007 Holy Warriors (short)
1999 Undesirables (short)