SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


United States, Hong Kong (China)
2019, 124 mins
Production: Burn The Film, Tender Madness Pictures
Language: Mandarin Chinese, different Chinese dialects
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: n/a
Director: Shengze Zhu
DoP: n/a
Composer: n/a
Producer: Zhengfan Yang, Wang Yang
Editor: Shengze Zhu


Live-streaming has exploded in China and become one of the most profitable industries over the past several years. PRESENT.PERFECT. weaves together a diverse range of moments and occurrences filmed and broadcasted by little-known Chinese live-streaming anchors from various parts of China. Although this virtual community doesn’t exist physically, the shared emotions and feelings generated through virtual togetherness are real.

Director’s biography

Producer and documentary filmmaker. Shengze Zhu was born in 1987 in China. She co-founded the production company Burn The Film with director and visual artist Yang Zhengfan. Her directorial debut, Out Of Focus (2014), premiered in France, and her films have been screened internationally ever since. Present.Perfect. (2019) had its world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Director’s filmography

2019 Present.Perfect (doc)
2016 Another Year (doc)
2014 Out of Focus (doc)