SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019
48 hour film race

48 Hour Film Race – Central Asian short film competition where anyone can participate regardless of a level of training.

The project takes place over the past 4 years at the initiative and with the support of the US Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan. Master classes, events and the 48 Hour Film Race contest itself are designed to inspire video content creators of various levels to learn, interact and create.

A significant event of the competition is the annual two-day race, a kind of challenge for all participants, from beginners to professionals, to create their own 4-minute film in 48 hours.

My friend is my enemy

Kyrgyzstan, 2019, 03:30
Format: DCP
Director: Suiumkan Sulaimanova

A touching story about the friendship between a boy and a horse, which is destined to end on the day of circumcision of the boy… “Best Movie” in 2019 according to the jury of the 48 Hour Film Race.

Martian Grisha

Kazakhstan, 2019, 03:59
Format: DCP
Director: Ilya Karchin, Antoine Dukravets

A television group is visiting a young man who claims that aliens will pick him up today. Initially, skeptical journalists will soon be forced to change their attitude towards the hero of their plot.


Kazakhstan, 2019, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Alexei Esipov

The time traveler returns to the past to change the chain of tragic events. But being over the limits in the bar he takes up the salvation of not those young people whom he was going to save. But any way everything that was about to happen eventually happens…

The brink

Kyrgyzstan, 2019, 03:52
Format: DCP
Director: Mirlan Abdulaev

Alternative reality. The republic is torn apart by marauders, gangs of survivors after the atomic explosion. In this crazy world, everyone is for himself. At the center of the story is an elderly couple who have been on the road in search of a safe zone for a long time…


Uzbekistan, 2019, 03:53
Format: DCP
Director: Mavlon Dosmukhamedov

The spectator finds himself in a mysterious room at the table of Masons who rule human destinies. But is it really so or is it just someone’s violent fantasy? “The Best Comedy” of 2019 according to the jury of the 48 Hour Film Race.

Not happiness

Kazakhstan, 2018, 03:38
Format: DCP
Director: Arman Yusupov, Farhat Kulbaev

The story of the film tells about an official of the city N who is waiting for a commission with verification in his city. To avoid irreversible consequences the mayor organizes his own funeral. Will the “servant of the people” manage to escape justice once again?

Кет Out

Kyrgyzstan, 2018, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Daniyar Abdykerimov

Two exorcists come to an urgent call to the house where the owner claims that his son is obsessed with the devil. The ritual of exorcising demons is complicated by the fact that evil spirits do not understand their language… “The Best Movie” of 2018 according to the jury of the 48 Hour Film Race.


Kazakhstan, 2018, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Sanjar Bekenov, Yerzhan Aldibek

We catch the main character in the moment after the murder she has committed. Having hidden the corpse in the dressing room, she is about to leave the building, but on the threshold she encounters a police officer who asks him to help out – to darn his pants…


Kyrgyzstan, 2018, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Kubanych Kurmanbekov

The not rich student was stolen blue socks. Professional detectives found the culprit and brought to court. However, the judge handed down a too strict sentence… Winner of the 48 Hour Film Race 2018 in the nomination “Best Comedy”.

Without words

Kazakhstan, 2018, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Dair Karakeev

An absolutely pure and innocent love story will show the relationship of two young people from an unexpected perspective… Winner of the 48 Hour Film Race 2018 in the nomination “Best Romance”.

Liquid stone

Kazakhstan, 2017, 04:00
Format: DCP
Director: Aldiyar Bayrakimov

The story of an old man who is trying to evict from his own home. However the hero does not intend to give up without a fight… The film took one of the three main prizes of the 48 Hour Film Race competition in 2017.


Kazakhstan, 2017, 03:59
Format: DCP
Director: Alibek Aliyev

The main character is distracted from the laptop, noticing that someone is stealthily spying on him from the street through the window of his house. He fumbles for a gun, dresses and goes outside. A man moves towards the window, looks into it and sees himself behind a laptop…


Kazakhstan, 2017, 02:57
Format: DCP
Director: Ivan Abramov

In the center of the story is an elderly man who lives with his granddaughter. Or maybe he lives only memories of her… The film took one of the three main prizes of the 48 Hour Film Race in 2017.

And what’s so big about it

Kazakhstan, 2017, 03:47
Format: DCP
Director: Arhat Ordabay

A graduate of a medical institute who at one time dreamed of a brilliant career as a surgeon wears out the seat of his trousers sitting in his therapist’s office. He looks down on his as it seems to him one-track mind patient and heals him for everything but not for a light bulb stuck in his mouth…

Case No. 96

Kazakhstan, 2017, 04:04
Format: DCP
Director: Alan Talkenov

Two agents of the secret service from the department specializing in the investigation of paranormal phenomena are sent on another dangerous task … The film took one of the three main prizes of the 48 Hour Film Race competition in 2017.