SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019

The business forum of Almaty Film Festival:

Round tables, panel discussions, master classes will be of interest to representatives of the film industry of the participating countries, Kazakhstan film production studios and graduates of the film industry relates universities  and institutions. Film industry professionals from other countries will share their experience and conduct master classes for young filmmakers as well as other industry professionals in Kazakhstan.

The major objectives of the Business forum are to:

  • Create favorable conditions for the film production of foreign film projects in Almaty and Almaty region;
  • Attract foreign filmmakers and establish partnerships between them and local film industry;
  • Search for new opportunities for the distribution of Kazakhstani cinema, expand the boundaries of cinema rentals, and enter the international cinema market;
  • Strengthen relations with foreign film companies and European funds for co-productions and attract foreign investments;
  • Promote the state language through modern cinema.