SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


Kazakhstan, 2019, 1:26:19
Format: DCP
Director: Darkhan Sarkenov


The Kazakhstani comedy film “The Great steppe Comedy” tells a story about a real-life singer Toregali Toreali. The hero loses his former glory due to a notorious scandal with a journalist. The artist is exhausted of the life of a national favourite, and one day he makes a wish – to become an unknown person. The wish comes true successfully, and the very next morning Talgat’s lifestyle changes dramatically: no one has ever heard of him, and some other artist sells out arenas that were once owned by him. It seems that Toregali got exactly what he dreamed about, but, nevertheless, he is still attracted to creative work. Then he seriously thinks about whether it is possible to get his fame, millions of fans and comfortable existence back? ..