SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019


Country: Kazakhstan
Year: 2018
Duration: 86 min
Format: DCP
Director: Anvar Matzhanov


Zhomart owns his own hotel in Kazakhstan! He and his wife Aisulu go on a honeymoon to the most beautiful and luxurious city. But isolation on a honeymoon is not quite the Kazakh way. Therefore, the newlyweds go to Dubai with their relatives. Aisulu wants to have a good time, because a honeymoon happens once in a lifetime. But a relentless desire to earn money, every now and then, forces Zhomart’s relatives to form more and more new business ideas. What if we buy camels and rent them out? Or maybe Dubai cars? Well, in Dubai there is a demand, why don’t we try in our country then? Zhomart ignores “brilliant” ideas until his assistant Alen meets a Kenyan businessman. The mysterious Kenyan prince says that tea in his country is very cheap. Such an offer cannot fail to interest Kazakh businessmen. Our enterprising characters quickly make an adventurous plan for the purchase of Kenyan tea. In order not to ruin their holidays and earn money, they fly off to Nairobi as a male company, leaving their female companions to wait for their return. But what if the Kenyan is not who he claims to be? And will they be able to safely return to their loved ones?