SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Russia, Poland, Serbia, 2018, 126 min.
Production: Film Company SAGa and Metrafilms, in collaboration with First Channel Russia, with participation of Lenfilm Studio, Message Film (Poland) and Art & Popcorn (Serbia), with financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the RF, Cinema Fund, Government of St Petersburg, Polish Film Institute, Serbian Film Centre, EURIMAGES
Language: Russian
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Alexei Ghrman, Yulia Tupikina
Director: Alexei Gherman Jr
DoP: Lukasz Zal
Producers: Andrei Saveliev, Artem Vasiliev, Konstantin Ernst, Dariusz Jablonski, Isabella Wojcik, Wioleta Kaminska, Miroslav Mogorovich
Cast: Milan Marić, Danila Kozlovsky, Helena Sujecka, Eva Gerr, Artur Beschastny, Anton Shagin, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Elena Lyadova

Leningrad, early 1970s. Some days in the life of a writer before the emigration of his friend, the future Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky. A round of paradoxical and ridiculous events and situations, of collisions with criminals and of the literary life of Leningrad, the studio Lenfilm, music, poetry recitals, the craft of journalism, the passionate desire to buy a doll for the daughter, which cannot be purchased anywhere.

Alexei Gherman Jr

Born in 1976 in the family of filmmaker Alexei Iu. Gherman and scriptwriter Svetlana Karmalita. Graduated from VGIK (2001, class of Sergei Soloviev).

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2011 From Tokyo (short)
2009 Crush (short story “Kim”)
2008 Paper Soldier
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