SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


China, USA, 2016-2018, 75 min.
Production: Zhongguang Shude International Culture Media Co., Ltd. Beijing, Century Huaying Culture Media Co., Ltd. Zhongguang Defeng Culture, Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shandong Zhongdong Culture Media, Co., Ltd. Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. Haining Yihaha, Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. Datang Brilliant (Khorgos) Media, Co., Ltd. Shanxi Radio and Television Station Shanghai Aurora, Alliance Film Co., Ltd, Ytinifni Pictures, LLC
Languages: English, Chinese
Format: DCP

Scriptwriters: Ding Wei, Yang Bo, and Wang Qi
Director: Wang Qi
Composer: Wang Haoyuan
Producers: Song Xianwei, Guo Jian, Yuan Xiaobo, Liang Zhixiang, Zhang Tiancai and David L Suarez
Editor: Chenguang and Shi Yang
Cast: Lin Qiang, Liu Kang, Xu Mengjuan, Guo Zheng Jian, Liang Xiaoqiang, Song Jun

Father bear lives in the wilderness with his son Xi Ha, but when the young cub is captured by a human criminal and sold on the black market, Father Bear ventures into the big city to search for him. In order to save his son, he teams up with the Spy Dog. “Super Bear” is about the furious clash between a single father and animal spy, telling of the eternal theme of family and love.

Wang Qi