SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019
Official Selection

Rapprochement of Cultures Main Competition

History shows that Kazakhstan has always been and is a crossroads, a place for meeting and dialogue of different cultures and civilizations of the East and West.

Today, the dialogue of cultures is closely related to globalization. Globalization has affected almost all areas, including culture and art. Cinematography has become an art where you can see the national cultural characteristics of other countries.

Co-production is one of the most important aspects for the creation and development of the cultural dialogue between countries.

The international co-production in cinema gives a number of advantages and opens numerous doors, namely the opportunity to expand the film audience in new markets, to attract creative specialists and investors in the country, and to learn the culture and traditions of other nations.

The main competition of Almaty Film Festival will be presented by the films of 2019 made as a co-production of two or more countries.