SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Ukraine, Germany, 2018, 106 min.
Production: Tato Film
Languages: Ukrainian, English
Format: DCP

Scriptwriters: Alla Tyutyunnik, Roman Bondarchuk, Darya Averchenko
Director: Roman Bondarchuk
DoP: Vadim Ilkov
Composer: Anton Baibakov
Producer: Olena Yershova
Cast: Serhiy Stepansky, Viktor Zhdanov, Khrystyna Deilyk

Lukas, an interpreter for an OSCE inspection, is stranded near a small southern Ukrainian town. He finds shelter at the home of a colourful local called Vova, and encounters an entirely different universe. Then he falls in love with his host’s daughter Marushka and his contempt for provincial life melts away and sets him on a quest for a happiness he had never known could exist.

Roman Bondarchuk

Born in Kherson in 1982. Graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film and Television University (class of Yuri Illienko). He is co-director of “Euromaidan Rough Cut”. He has made a number of shorts, documentaries and music videos. The documentary “Ukrainian Sheriffs” won a Special Jury Award at IDFA 2015. Bondarchuk is art director of Docudays UA, the International Human Rights Film Festival in Kyiv.

2018 Volcano
2015 Ukrainian Sheriffs (doc.)
2015 Dixieland (doc.)
2014 Euromaidan. Rough Cut (doc.)
2009 MMS (short)
2009 Commemoration Day (short)