SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Switzerland, Russia, China, South Korea, 2018, 118 min.
Production: Christian Frei Filmproductions
Languages: Russian, English, Yakut, Korean
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Christian Frei
Director: Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev
DoP: Maxim Arbugaev, Vladimir Egorov, Peter Indergand
Composers: Max Richter, Eduard Artemiev
Producer: Christian Frei
Editors: Thomas Bachmann, Christian Frei
Cast: Peter Grigoriev, Semyon Grigoriev, Spira Sleptsov, Hwang Woo-suk, George Church

On far northern islands, in conditions of permafrost, the trophy hunters are busy with the search for valuable mammoth tusks. One expedition discovers perfectly preserved remains. The find draws attention from biotechnologists. Fragments of the animal are delivered to a South-Korean laboratory. Its head Hwang Woo-suk restores mammoths to life and creates a revolution in science.

Christian Frei

Born in 1959 in Schönenwerd, Solothurn (Switzerland). Studied at the faculty of journalism and communications of the University of Fribourg. Since 2006 lectures on Reflection Competence at the University of St Gallen. Since August 2010 president of the Swiss Film Academy.

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2009 Space Tourists
2005 The Giant Buddhas
2001 War Photographer
1997 Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel

Maxim Arbugaev

Born in Yakutsk, Republic Sakha (Russia) in 1991. Studied at the Film Institute VGIK as director of documentary cinema (workshop of Sergei Miroshnichenko).