SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Bahrain, 2017, 55 min.
Production: Inspire Creative, Instamatic Films
Languages: English, Arabic
Format: DCP

Director: Jason Carter
DoP: Ray Haddad, Toby Watts
Composer: Jason Carter
Producer: Jason Carter
Cast: Jason Carter, Lydia Martin, Ahmed Al Ghanem, Dar Burshaid Shabab Al Hidd

Documentary about the musical heritage of the Bahraini pearl divers seen through the eyes of the British musician Jason Carter. “Grain of Sand” is an effort to shed light on the dying music of the pearl divers and asks poignant questions about identity, culture and heritage in a fast-developing region; and it brings some “good news” from an area currently rife with conflict.

Jason Carter

British harp-guitarist. He has toured in over 100 countries and recorded 18 albums. He has a passion for building bridges through music. He began his film career by making music videos and inevitably began using film to tell stories through music and narrative.