SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Lithuania, Estonia, 2016, 57 min.
Production: UKU films, Vesilind
Languages: Lithuanian, Russian
Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Audrius Stonys
Director: Audrius Stonys
DoP: Audrius Kemezys
Composer: Robert Jurjendal
Producers: Radvile Sumile, Riho Vastrik

In the Tian Shan mountain range, on the Tuyuksu Glacier some 3,500 meters above sea level, stands an old, Soviet-era research station. The Lithuanian scientist Aušra Revutaite has spent 30 years there, studying climate change. The film tells about loneliness in the harsh but gorgeous location.

Audrius Stonys

Born in Vilnius in 1966. Documentary filmmaker and producer, professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. From 1984–1989 studied directing at Vilnius State Conservatory. His films have received numerous international awards. In 1992 the documentary “Earth of the Blind” received the award for Best Documentary of the European Film Academy, and the Felix Award. Recipient of the Lithuanian Culture & Art Award.

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