SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2018


Kazakhstan, 2017, 52 min.
Production: Kazakhfilm
Language: Russian
Format: DCP

Director: Oleg Belyalov
DoP: Oleg Belyalov
Producer: Aygul Cherendinova
Editor: Oleg Belyalov

The well-known national park Altyn-Emel. Why is it so unique? What has been preserved or even added in the 20 years of its existence? What beauty and impressions should tourists look for? The film offers a detailed narrative about flora and fauna of Altyn-Emel accompanied by spectacular visuals filmed with the latest equipment. The film also contains footage from the archival chronicle by the first domestic documentary filmmaker V. Belyalov.

Oleg Belyalov

Born in Alma-Ata in 1960. Photographer, cameraman. The topics of his films are the nature and history of Kazakhstan. Juror of the photo contest “Golden lens of Alma-Ata”. Participated in the making of about 20 documentaries, illustrated more than 100 print projects.

2017 Altyn-Emel
2008 Zhetysu