2018 ЖЫЛ, 15-19 ҚЫРКҮЙЕК
City In Motion

The program “City in motion”

The program will be presented by films produced in major megacities, the capitals of the world film industry. This program aims to develop cooperation between these cities and Almaty, as well as cooperation between the countries of these cities and Kazakhstan as a whole. The program will promote the expansion of opportunities for exchange of films, the establishment of closer cooperation between cinematographic communities and the expansion of the borders of international cooperation. Particular attention will be paid to the countries with which Kazakhstan has direct flight connection that will contribute to the development of international cooperation of co-production film projects.

Air service map of Kazakhstan


Russia – 917.5 million dollars at the box office for the year 2017 (INTERMEDIA)


France is the homeland of cinema and has a significant contribution to creativity and the process of filmmaking


Turkey – increase in local film production 20%


India is the world’s major producer of films, 1000 films a year (Statista).


Malaysia offers a 30% return of capital for film production (FIMI)


The volume of the South Korean film market in 2015 is 1.7 billion dollars. Local film production is 52%


China is the leader of the world box office, 6 billion in 2016 (MPAA)

In terms of cooperation, the most attractive countries and their cinematic capitals are those with which Almaty has direct flight connection.